Are We Krazy or What?

Recently I had a style session with Krazy Larry Pants for Chloe's of Captiva. If you haven't heard of them before Krazy Larry exists and he really is crazy...I've met him!

I've pulled together an assortment of outfits that fit the daily needs of our Chloe's customer with our versatile Krazy Larry Pants! Did you ever think that you could wear the same pant every day of the week?

Why should we love them so? Krazy Larry Pants are cut with vanity sizing in mind, include a hidden elastic waistband and are offered in a narrow leg, ankle length, cropped pant styles.

Here I specify on the ankle length styles pairing them back to a variety of simply elegant blouses both knit & woven, dressy & casual. Chloe's offers Krazy Larry for two major reasons: to give your backside a lift & make your life easier. No longer will you worry about what to wear when you have these knickers in every color. 

So are you Krazy or what?! How will you mix it up? Scroll through for all 7 days below!

Day 1: In black & paired back to a sleek black knit for an all over stand out outfit

Day 2:  In taupe, pairs perfectly with bright hues

Day 3:  In deep navy, rendering a nautical feel

Day 4:  Easy to wear multiple days of the week with a mixture of easy knit tops & woven blouses

Day 5:  Krazy Larry Pants in stone are dressed up with stripes and lace

Day 6:  In cement they pair easily with both casual & cool, layer on grays or pair with black

Day 7:  In white they quite the sight! The original white Florida pant with bright colors or subdued with layered creams & natural shades, these pants are easy to wear and just as versatile as all other colors...

styled & design by Catrina Gunter (me), photoed by Catherine Coons, product from Chloe's of Captiva