My 70's Show

Reposted from April 30th, 2015

My latest take on the 70's trend through styling...

Fringe, tassels, bucket bags & suede are all the subtle indications of a 70's flower child that has stolen the fashion world's heart. Predicted by industry leaders, the movement will carry through the year, within each season, maybe even into the next don't hesitate to stock up! Stacked wedges, paisley patterns and neutral tones have been pinned as the new "bohemian". The Age of Aquarius not only transitions well into bohemian style, it also is a common theme spotted on festival goers. These handpicked 70s style pieces can be found at Chloe's of Captiva.


COC- 70's-Day2-49.jpg

styled by Catrina Gunter (me), photoed by Catherine Coons, product from Chloe's of Captiva