Koreshan State Park


Koreshan State Park was our latest spot to shoot a Trans Fall collection with model Lissa DeLorenzo and photographer Catherine Coons. Why does this location stand apart from others?  The fact that centuries ago a unity, or dare I say cult, settled on the land believing it to be their "New Jerusalem" under the leadership of Dr. Cyrus Reed Teed in the year 1894. 

We decided to take advantage of this beautiful location and embrace the special story behind it. Although it is rumored that the grounds are haunted and one might pick up on the ever so slight eerie mood, the former unity residence was too good to pass up. Lissa poses before the Planetary Living Quarters, The Founder's Home, and the gorgeous setting by the Estero River, canopied by elegant moss trees. 

styled by Catrina Gunter (me), photography by Catherine Coons